LMRS Club News

Standalone Junction

A new Control Panel is in the process of being constructed.  This to replace the existing Control Panel which is outdated and becoming less reliable.  The new panel will allow for greater control and have the ability to control more trains and other features.  It will be installed once the Farm closes for the winter season.



Mulldale has had extensive work performed on it and has been extended in order to accommodate more scenic features.  The old track has been replaced with Peco Flexitrack and and all the points replaced with Peco points.


N gauge (yet to be named)

Extensive scenic’s have been added and it is looking great.  If you have any ideas for a name, please let the N gauge team know your suggestions.



Lower Track

The Lower track and points aee fully complete.  The wiring is complete on all seven boards and has been tested in conjunction with the two Lower Control Panels

Upper Track

The two Upper Control Panels are being tested as each of the Upper point and section wiring is complete on each board

Thanks to Andy, Bill and Roger for helping with the board wiring and to Geoff and Brian for making up the interconnecting cables.

Roger is in the process of working on the scenic’s for the Loco Yard and it really starting to take shape.



The clubs exhibition layout is being well used by a number of Members which ensures it remains fully operational and fault free.


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