Club Layouts

Layouts being built by members of the club.

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Mulldale is a 7mm (1:43) scale industrial scene incorporating 16.5mm track (2 6” narrow gauge) set somewhere in Northern England in the late 50’s early 60’s.

The railway serves to move raw materials/goods around the Mulldale Castings & Engineering Co. and other small businesses set betwixt a canal and high-level main line viaduct.

This layout, with the exception of ancillary vehicles, is kit/scratch built with no prototypical references.

New N Gauge Layout
This yet to be named N Gauge layout is the society's latest 9mm gauge project, started in late 2012. The design was shaped by the reuse of existing baseboards recycled from a previous N Gauge layout that failed to reach fruition. A simple track design was chosen incorporating two independent loops converging at a central main station with multiple platforms...

A new OO gauge layout is being built in order to give new and existing members the experience of model railway design and construction, and to provide a new project for the Club.
The layout has two levels.  The upper level would represent the steam age and the lower level would represent the modern age. It will support both DC and DCC.
Progress to date
October 2012 design work started using the XTrackCAD software package.
February 2013. Construction commenced. 
September 2013.  All 7 Baseboards completed. 
January 2014  Track laying started.
January 2015 Track laying completed. the 4 Control Panels have been constructed and tested.
March 2017 All 7 boards have been wired and we are in the process of performing extensive testing.