Members Layouts


Layouts owned by individual members of the club.

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Scratch Built by Darren Bilcock

Scratchbuilt Buildings
Examples of Darren's superb scratch-built buildings

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Symonds Green Brewery by Lynda Coates

Symonds Green is a fictitious brewery near Hull in North Yorkshire, Hull was the centre of a large brewery industry in the 19th and early 20th century.

Symonds Green Brewery has been established for over 200 years, this is represented by the old brewery building behind the administrative building. The main brewery complex dates from the mid Victorian era where breweries became ornate but functional buildings designed by top architects of their day.

The narrow gauge railway enables the transportation of materials around the site and between the nearby villages and farms. The canal provides transportation of various other materials and goods. Although the era represented today is 1950’s, we are hoping to be able to represent the 1930’s on this layout when horse power and canals were a more important part of the industrial scene.

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